Sunday, March 29, 2009

The bloggers network: The art of getting linked by bloggers

This topic has been in discussion since long, but didn’t quite steal the limelight the way it’s been doing of late. One of the biggest reasons for this is the recently downsizing of page ranks by Google that has screwed all the spams and has compelled bloggers to take the ‘white hat’ route for better page ranks. There have been several posts describing as to how can one build links and awareness with fellow bloggers, prominent in them being the ones in problogger and the post by Peter in SEObook.

There is a mixed baggage of opinions on the effectiveness of such tactics, however it should be agreed that contacting relevant bloggers and requesting them to review your blog should give you the much required boost for your website. Now, why do you think this link build up strategy (through bloggers) will work?
  • Bloggers around the globe (yet in front of their PC’s!) are in search for new ideas and resources of their interest. Perhaps you may just give them their piece of cake!
  • Even if immediate response isn’t bestowed to your website i.e. the bloggers do not link it up instantaneously, they will surely mark your site or idea for future and your idea may probably find a mention in their link round-ups or some of the related posts in their blogs.
  • Niche bloggers do have their own powerful network. The word of mouth here spreads in seconds and what one writes of, is bound to be a topic of discussion amongst fellow bloggers.
Now, let’s have a look at the tactics to be employed. Lets start from the basics (trust me! It’s important).
  • Relevancy of efforts: Contact bloggers who are more likely to buy in your resources or ideas.
  • Don’t be a turn off when it comes to grammar and spellings and do not let unprofessional vibes surround.
  • Customize the email subject (so as to not get filtered away by spam filter-adding a date would be good!) and let the tone of the subject be unlike that of spams and promotional mails.
  • Use the blogger’s name wherever required i.e. personalize the message.
  • Let the message be brief and let it make your point! The reader should get on to the message’s important part right in the first glance of the first mail- you are just another name amongst thousands when your first mail hits his/her inbox.

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