Sunday, March 22, 2009

Typo SEO- Success in spelling mistakes!

Search engine optimization or SEO is hanging on with every possible way that’ll increase the page visits and most probably the page ranks too. You as a web surfer must have many a times, typed wrongly! No! Not that you are necessarily poor in your English, it’s just that your fingers inadvertently hits the wrong keys. So, don’t you see a strategy there, waiting to be exploited? So, did some smart SEO minds!

Here, deterrence to the typo SEO strategy would be the fact that search engines actually prompt a message ‘Did you mean…’ in cases of typos and thus many users click on it to actually get the valid information. However, many of them don’t and further, what if the person finds the relevant information even when the keyword is misspelled?! Thus, we can actually come to a conclusion that ‘typo SEO’ actually works!

However, it may not as well work like they promise too. The misspelled keyword may let you lead in the search results but that wouldn’t count for a web visit, given in the placing of the ‘did you mean…’ sentence. So, empirically one can figure out that the actual number of visits due to typo SEO is half (or somewhere around it) of that of the theoretical data of the number of visits.

What to wait for? Get your hands on to the effective typo SEO strategy. But the game isn’t very easy, as by employing the typo SEO one always runs on a risk of being silly or unprofessional. Further, excellent research needs to be done to get the most common typos or one may just end up making a self-mockery.

Here are few tips as to how you can go about with the typo SEO strategy.
1. Unleash the full potential of your blog posts! Blog posts are formally considered to be informal and whatever one writes in blog posts doesn’t actually count to be a typographical mistake, if it’s done intelligently or in a reader-friendly fashion. Placing the typo on the URL of your blog post is another cherry on the cake.
2. Place the typos in the ‘Alt’ tags or the table tags or any other strategically good location. Indeed, by indulging in this technique you are running at a risk of losing out the correctly spelled keyword for the misspelled one. But, you got to take your chances to stay ahead in the competition. Let the placing of the typos be done smartly so that you do not actually lose out on the correctly spelled keywords.
3. Try using your Meta tags for the typos. As far as possible avoid the typos from your content unless it actually fits in the bill.
4. Try placing the misspelled keywords in links from other sites. For this, you may need the permission of the other site, but if the link is from a website that happens to believe in the ‘typo strategy’ then things must get easier for you!
5. Use PPC, as it helps a great deal in keeping your content clean and yet popping up ads for misspelled keywords.
6. Optimize the typos regularly. There are some folks out there who learn from their previous mistakes…and ironically, commit new mistakes!

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