Friday, February 10, 2012

Hiring a Web Designer (TIPs)

Hiring a Web Designer? (recently involved in HR activity)

Designing plays a very important role in an organization, because it is through that, reader is attracted towards the site. Every organization will have a separate designing team or department to cater the requirements and services of their clients. Many times it happens that in the process of recruiting a designer, you may get many second thoughts about the interviewee professional skills. In order to steer clear your mystification I have provided you below few interesting points which you can negotiate with the web designer.

Have knowledge about CMS package?

 In this present era, a web designer must have definitely idea about the CMS package. At the same time you need to find out if it is open source or proprietary knowledge they have. Open source is broadly utilized software and the proprietary is where the HTML code has been written by the Web designer itself. Depending on company requirements, you can choose the web designer.

Will you be able to design the portfolio that meets my creative requirements?

Before actually making a final decision about recruiting the web designer, it is important to scrutinize the former portfolio on which he/she worked. This makes you to fathom the creative skills and also helps you to decide if they are a perfect choice for your company.

Do you follow any particular efficient web design practices?

It is most common that clients have different questions in their mind before actually giving the project to the company. It is the responsibility of the company or designing team to do cent percent justification for the designing. So it is imperative to ask the interviewee if they stick to any particular web designs or they can work with all the designs.

Do you have knowledge about Search Engine Optimization?

These days usage of SEO techniques has become mandatory for websites. Designing a website with out actually discussing the SEO needs of the company will be dangerous and will have a disastrous impact in the future. So a web designer who has SEO knowledge will be a helping hand to your company progress.

Are you in to Social media?

These days you can hardly find a person who is not into social media like face book, twitter, orkut, stumble upon and various other social networking sites. They are the motivating force for traffic generation and connectivity. You must definitely ask them if they are active in social media and can they survive up to your requirements.

Can we maintain a good rapport?
Every company has their own rules and regulation while signing an agreement with the clients. The person whom you select as the designer must be able to understand your company demands and act accordingly else there can arise the miscommunication that leads to fall of your company’s reputation. Make sure that you and the designer have perfect co-ordination.

Do you have the ability to work with in my budget and can provide me some references?

One of the most important things that you should clarify with the designer is the budget that you afford to him. Negotiate in a simple manner and clear the confusion as early as possible. If you have chosen the designer based up on the advice of a professional then it is well and good else it is beneficial if you can ask the web designer to provide some references who actually worked with him. This will actually expose the work and the passion for the job.

Web designers come with exceptional talents in different streams. Don’t ever judge them on a basis if they are not able to meet your requirements. Because the person who is average for you may cater the best needs of the other company.