Monday, April 06, 2009

15 Link building tactics to market your website effectively!

Link building plays a pivotal role in marketing your website and thus, it becomes more than just necessary for you to play your cards smartly with the use of the right tactics. Make yourself aware of the effective link building tactics to market your website by reading on:
  1. Are you aware that robots.txt and meta-nonindex will block the search engine bots from indexing specific sections of your website? Do keep a track of the people visiting these sections of your website. Contact their webmasters and provide them with a URL to another relevant page of your website.
  2. Grammatical errors, spelling blunders and poor English are the biggest turn-off of netizens. Let your articles be free of all those and pleasure the reader rather than exasperating him/her.
  3. Do not forget to leave comments on the blogs/websites/communities you visit. Just type few lines of frank opinion about the website or blog- it would just consume a minute extra but thetime is worth it at the end!
  4. Do create a ‘link to us’ page and update it regularly. It’ll ease the way other websites can link to you (many bloggers do not go out of the way to link to some website unless it’s damn necessary!).
  5. Error 404!! We all know what a letdown it is! Monitor the 404 statistics and rectify it by providing a working URL to the respective webmasters.
  6. Constant optimization of your links by requesting the webmasters to change the ‘click here’ hyperlink to a hyperlink containing relevant keywords will make it more enticing to visits.
  7. Advertising the sorted after keywords by using various search engine advertising programs should be the preceding step before you canalize the targeted traffic into links!
  8. Keep in good contact with the high traffic generating websites. Use Google Adwords content network to figure out which websites generate huge traffic and conversions.
  9. Affiliating with other websites (useful ones) should be a profitable trade. Similarly affiliate yourself to other upcoming good websites too.
  10. Find out the websites that mention your personal name or URL and business name or URL but is not yet linked to your website. Further, just link them to your website! Yahoo can be of great help in this task.
  11. Use breadcrumbs- its one of the good internal linking tools that can be used for anchor differentiation and usability.
  12. Ensure a smooth navigation persists throughout your website. You could equip your website with text-based navigation or image based navigation (supported by appropriate alt attributes).
  13. Use a sitemap as it facilitates easier navigation to the users and is found to be useful for search engines.
  14. Optimize the usage of in-content links. They are found to have a higher click through rate given in the relevant surrounding text or image.
  15. Submit your URL’s to the right place- high quality niche directories, social media websites, general directories, RSS feeds to RSS directories, blog directories, CSS directories (to flaunt a good design), use ezinearticles and twitter to publicize posts/articles etc.


  1. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Thanks for the 15 tips ... will carry them out and reap the rewards.

    Vinanti Sarkar Castellarin, GCDF - LinkedIn

  3. Anonymous4:30 PM

    This is a good article,and I look forward to applying the Knowledge.

  4. Thank you very much for your efforts. I am in the early stages of planning my website...any tips are greatly appreciated .... and it is a jungle out there for us neophytes!
    G. Hardiman

  5. Great tips and easy to implement. Thank you for sharing