Thursday, May 27, 2010

Important Roles Played by Deep Links for a Website

Deep links are the links to a website’s internal pages, other than the home page or main page. Talk about them to webmasters and some of them would criticize the existence of deep links. Deep links are considered bad because they take the focus away from the website’s main page. However, it is just one side of the coin and should not pass any conclusion against the deep links.

Deep links are of great use for a website and they are no less than any other SEO tools. Let’s trace some of the positive aspects of deep links from the following discussion.

Improve Website Ranking

Deep links earn recognition for the internal web pages of a website. Isn’t it indicative to a search engine that the website as a whole is useful enough to be indexed in the search engine result pages? However, this would happen only if the deep links are provided by good and popular websites. If the websites linking to your website’s internal pages have bad reputation, little can be gained through such deep links. Getting deep links naturally can easily improve the website’s standing in the search engine results.

Increase Website Traffic

The internal pages of a website are less likely to be visited by a visitor to the home page. This is mainly because of the fact that visitors have difficulty finding the way to an internal page. However, if the internal page is directly indexed in the search results, it is visited by the surfers looking for specific information. This in turn increases the overall traffic to the website.

Target Different Keywords

Not all the keywords can be stuffed on the home page of a website. So, deep links extend the use of more and more keywords through internal pages. One group of keywords can be targeted for one internal page and another group for another internal page using deep links. In this way, all keywords of a particular niche can be targeted for your website.

Keep Old Popular Pages Alive

The popular content of your website gets concealed with passage of time and addition of new content. How about keeping the old content popular throughout? This can be made possible by providing deep links to the old popular pages of the website.

Finally, deep links can help you assess and improve your website. Using the analytics tools, you can learn about the pages that attract more traffic than others. So, giving importance to deep links should be a part of your overall SEO campaign.

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