Monday, May 17, 2010

How Microsites Become Bad SEO Idea?

The concept of Microsites, when launched and adopted by biggies in the online business world, gave the impression as promising and potential-bearing profit-making strategy. No doubts that online businesses have made fortune using them, but the idea just doesn’t click a number of times. Let’s criticize the use of microsites, based on the experience of webmasters and SEO experts.

Losing Identity of Existing Brand

You already have a well-maintained website with good amount of web traffic visiting it regularly. By launching a microsite for a new brand, you actually try to conceal the popularity of the old brand. So, rather than allowing a microsite for a new brand to piggyback your main site, it is better to launch a full-fledged separate website.

Missing Auxiliary Interest of Audience

By maintaining a separate microite for each type of product you wish to sell, you might lose the ability to entice the interest of a section of the audience. For example, the visitors interested in buying shoes and clothes from the same website might purchase only shoes from your website, even if you have a microsite that sells clothes. So, integrating different product categories on the same website can help your business better.

Creating Confusion

Suppose your audience gets a link of your microsite that sells clothes from your main website that sells shoes. But what if they reach your microsite through search engines and don’t find a link to your main website. It might give rise to the confusion about your business products.

Microsites can also create confusion for search engine spiders. You will definitely wish the search engine to index the web pages of your newly launched microsite. But, search engines are more interested in indexing the pages of your old and existing main website. And if you plan to block the pages of your main website, it obviously damages the search engine value of your main website.

Adding to Site Management

Microsites, especially when they are good in number, can add substantially to site management. Would you like to include all your 15 or 20 microsites in one press release? Or, will it be convenient to maintain so many social media pages for each of the microsites?

Division of Link Building

With one or many microsites, you actually raise the competition for your main website. If you are inspiring five websites to link with your main website, you would links to have same number of links for your microsite. So, why not to have one website and total of ten links for it?

Microsites are good, when you promote content or things like coupons through them. But considering them as a strategy to extend your business profits can be damaging.

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