Monday, May 31, 2010

How to Make Business Blogs Achieve SEO Success?

Bringing SEO success for a business blog is important to substantiate its existence on the web. There are some simple to perform things that can make a business blog visible among the search engine’s top results. While the tips mentioned below might appear vary basic to the SEO experts, they can be of great help for new business bloggers.

Directing Traffic to Posts

A post on your business blog needs to be indexed in the search engine result pages. However, the home page of the blog is indexed most of the times. The reason behind this is that some business bloggers are habitual of posting the entire post on the home page itself. This is a bad practice that restricts the indexing of internal blog pages containing individual posts. So, you must have a brief introduction of the post on the home page, so that the single-post URLs are indexed in the results.

Utilization of Tags

Without focusing on important tags on your business blog, you can’t expect the SEO efforts to pay. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Take care of differentiating the title tags form the post titles. While the titles of the posts are usually creative, the title tags need to be keyword specific.
  • If most of the posts on your business blog contain images, you should unleash the potential of alt tag for SEO purposes. Keep in mind the keyword strategy of each post while adding image tags.
  • Meta descriptions may or may not get indexed by the search engines, but making them informative and rich in keyword can help your blog posts to attract the web traffic.
Controlling the Indexed Content

It is a waste of efforts to let everything and anything get indexed in the search engine results. For example, allowing the results generated using search tools on you business blog to get indexed share the indexing value for your posts. You must learn and employ the tools to control the content that you want to get indexed.

Using Redirects

One usual problem faced by the blogs is indexing of several versions of the same page. This leads to sharing of search engine rankings among content duplicated through multiple versions of the same page. This problem can be solved using redirects.

As promised in the beginning, all the above-mentioned tips are easy to employ. Use them to let your business blog achieve its due respect in the search engine result pages.

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