Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Save Your Links from Disappearing?

SEO experts have always been faithful to link building as one of the promising SEO strategies. However, not every webmaster or SEO expert makes best out of the link building tactic and there is a very simple reason behind this. Do you care to notice that most of the links generated some six months ago suddenly disappear from the search engine result pages? Even if you try to compensate the loss with new links, the cycle keeps on repeating.

So, are there any ways to make the website links permanent? Yes, there are and using them you can build a power SEO strategy.

Be Consistent in Approach

Consistency is an important aspect of building links. Creating useful and relevant content regularly and promoting it through article directories and social bookmarking websites should be an unfailing approach.

Make the Links Relevant

Obtaining one link from a relevant website, forum or blog is equivalent to five or more links from irrelevant sites. One of the reasons for the links to disappear from search index is their irrelevant nature. Getting a link from a website related in someway or another to your own website has more probability of being permanent.

Target Diversity

If the links to your website are spread over diverse online portals, there are more chances of them finding relevancy in search index pages. So, it is good to consider social websites, blogs, article directories, forums, web directories, RSS feeds and video websites to spread your website links, rather than focusing on two or three of them.

Regular Participation

One of the most damaging mistakes committed by the SEO experts is to distribute the link and never return. To maintain the quality and age of the link, it is important to get involved as a regular participant on the website. For example, if your have links to your website on a forum, it is good to participate in discussions, reviews and through comments.

Progressive Link Building

Search engines are loyal to the websites that grow steadily in terms of popularity. Be progressive while distributing links on the internet and don’t be irregular in your approach. By maintaining a healthy graph of link building, you can expect most of your links to maintain their quality throughout.

A lot of efforts should be put in to keep every single link to your website alive. Only then you can expect this tried and tested SEO strategy to work for your website.

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