Thursday, October 13, 2011

Starting a PPC project???

Developing a PPC campaign with out any proper structure will make you land in to serious risks and problems in future. It is very important to have a perfect plan and design while dealing with the PPC project. Keeping in mind, I have set a few guidelines in starting a PPCproject. Let’s have a look at them.

Decision maker: While working on a PPC project you come across various people who
stand for your client. They are also a part of the project and have their own set of opinions but it is your responsibility to decide the authority over the project. In case if you do not determine this, you may have to face problems in the future.

Fee details: Initially before making an agreement with the client, it is imperative to think how much the client would get as a profit and what is your share in that? You should also negotiate on time limitations in order to optimize the campaign and for meeting customer expectations.

Budget matters: One of the key matters that has to be focused while the campaign development procedure is Budget of the client. If you really are not aware of the budget and has already developed a strategy then you cannot meet client expectations. With out knowing the budget, you aren’t supposed to confer important points of the campaign.

Conversion: What do you think about the conversion? In many instances, it becomes easy to appreciate about the conversion by seeing the client site. Every person has his/her own thoughts, like wise your client may have different opinions for services, products. Some times they want emails, phone calls or do not need any conversion at all. You need to first clearly fathom about the conversions needed, their value, tracking of the conversion that in turn sets the way for reporting and campaigning.
Campaign goals: Every client has their own goal in the campaigning process. But it is your responsibility to aim at client expectations and have goals wherein you both together are of the same mind on to evaluate the campaign victory. If at all the client is not aware of the goals then you may not able to be with them for a long period. In this situation, you should be capable to consent CPA goal, leads, etc. This has to be both aggressive and attainable goal to get the best out of the campaign. The goals can be re-examined in case they are too lofty.
Campaign time period: There are generally two kinds of campaigns. They are small term and lengthy term campaigns. If you have a time period of only six-eight weeks to deal with the campaign, then you have to be more aggressive compared to six months campaign.
In the initial stages of the novice campaign, there is a time period where you may not be able to meet the goals of the client. Landing pages, ads, keywords, searching for the right mix of bids and optimization of the content will generally take long period. It is your job to educate the client on this and see that they make it up.
Creative resource: It is crucial to confer with the client if they have a designer of their own to design the landing pages and banners. In very minute cases, you may use the clients’ site for PPC landing pages. You need to discuss if they have a designer to design these landing pages or you have to bear the designer fees. If at all they have a designer, then you have to clear the terms if he can help you in the development of banners and pages. And in case if the designer is a novice in designing the landing pages, then you have to guide him through out the process for a successful campaign.
In most of the cases, it is important for the clients to look over the keywords and the ad text that you use. This is applicable in big industries which have brand rules and regulations. So it is important to know if the client is looking a head for any approval or review before finalizing the process.
Usually few industries have set their own restrictions about advertising. They may consist of few websites in which their ads cannot become visible for which you are supposed to obstruct from networking campaigns. They can’t offer the opportunity of shipping process to some states due to various legal statements. They may have already surveyed about the campaigning and have their choice of opinions which can work and which cannot. It is necessary to ask the intelligence sources of the company before starting the campaign, which in turn will save the energy and time. 
One of the important things that you have to do in a PPC campaign is to detect the opponents of the client. In the study, you may find the client competitors who do not have any online presence or no advertising. So inquiring the customer about their rivalry will pave the way for a lucid vision about the keywords to be used. Some times the client may have pleasant accord with the opponent in usage of the keywords, so you have to know about them.
Client communication: In this cutthroat era, every one has their own set of expectations from the promoter. There are few of them who are lenient and ask only for monthly news. At the same time they are few of them who require daily reports or weekly reports about the campaign procedure. So, it is essential to converse with the customer about their expectations and act accordingly to steer clear of the risks and problems. 

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