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WordPress SEO plug-ins that help you in many ways

Word Press SEO plug-ins that help you in many ways

In the recent era, Wordpress occupies the position of being the most admirable tool for publishing the content online or in the web world. Various kinds of features can be added and also can be used as blog, e-commerce websites etc. With the introduction of plug-ins, free themes, categories, tools it has become a cake-walk for many novice organizations to publish their content. Just publishing the mere content will not achieve results; along with that using technology will fetch you a lot. Given below is the list of Word Press plug-ins for Search Engine Optimization that progress the sites rank.

a)      SEO Rank reporter:

Many of you all are interested in knowing the traffic that comes to your site. Usually the traffic is measured using different tools which are expensive. To make you feel good on Word Press site, SEO rank reporter plug-in is used. It is a tool in the admin panel that offers easy ranking measurement. This permits you to add certain keywords in the site and at the same time it also produces a report for every 3 days. When there are changes taking place in search engine ranking, then all these changes are alerted to you with an email.

b)      SEO Content control:

One of the key factors that affect the Search Engine Optimization is the quality of the content. The site’s ranking will go down in case the quality of the content is poor or is duplicated. The SEO Content control tool helps you to overcome problems like missing of a Meta tag or the posts with less content etc. This makes the blog to look attractive and will persuade the reader to read your blog. It increases the ranking of your site.

c)      All in One SEO pack:

The All in One Search Engine Optimization pack is another best feature proffered by Word Press and is a perfect solution for all problems. It helps in optimizing the site page titles and search engines by producing Meta tags. The advanced search engine optimization users are offered the freedom to customize tags, Canonical URL structures, descriptions and titles. And if you are new to Word Press then downloading this tool is a gift. Also has the backward-compatibility option with wide range of plug-ins like warrior, ultimate tags, auto Meta tags and many others.

d)      SEO Friendly image:

Another friendly option from Word Press is Search Engine Optimization friendly images that insert TITLE and ALT attributes to your images or photographs. If at all initially you are not set with TITLE and ALT then SEO friendly will make the necessary changes to the site.  The ALT attribute is an imperative part and explains the images to search engine and if a user is searching for this kind of image then this works as an important factor. The TITLE attribute does not play a high role but it is indispensable for the traffic as this data will involuntarily become visible in the tool tip when the user clicks the image.
These plug-ins when installed on your site will create wonders and improve your page ranking. Though in the initial stages, you may not understand but later once you get grip then things will go smoothly. 

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