Friday, October 21, 2011

Twitter strategies that you should know........

 Most of us failed while using Twitter as a brand-building tool. At the same time we were not able to get influencers who would re-tweet us. With the introduction of Twitter, branding has resulted in instructive course of action.  Now it has become imperative for the companies to teach their staff and clients about smart engagement, genuine conversation, useful links, consistency, trickery brand worthy of their company. The companies which aren’t aware of social media or lack the manpower who are efficient in using it overtime can lead in to form of brand killing. Such companies must first raise the step in protecting their brand.

Given below are few brand killers of Twitter strategy:

Talking-heads tweets:
Attending business conferences or participating in a universal event, hash tags are a method for tweeters to combine and form a unique resemblance. Most of the well targeted hash tag driven small areas often result in becoming an arcade of talking heads. It’s all about brand progress dead end.

Auto Tweets:
Programmed tweets are on the spot brand killers and are shoddier than spambots. The twitter version of converting the novice followers into leads and producing auto-DMS will risk in misplacing followers. The scheduled tweets when compared to auto tweets are not so terrible but they call for caution and knowledge. You need to immobilize the automator and arrange the scheduled tweets with caution. Need to take a big step when it is mandatory and scrub out if the content is extraneous.

Sandwich tweets:
Most of us dislike Sandwich tweets. It is a form of tweet where the user or consumer donates to the cause of consuming a sandwich! It is deficient of substance. It offers no chance for extra chatter in personal terms and offers detested opportunities from professional perspective.

Troll tweets:
It is not regarding distorted old age men tweeting forcefully from underside bridges. It is all regarding the ones who contaminate the Twitter ecosystem by pitching malicious messages in to the each. It is not that Twitter must result in bonfire of the new niceness that abruptly becomes web chic. But it should continue to remain a dynamic place to socialize in terms of professionalism and personal. Troll tweets don’t fall into any category. The only thing that they really work on well is shutting down the productive conversation. You have to be good or be a B2B bete noire.

Copy cat tweets:
There exist few users who aren’t aware of social media and haven’t detailed or decided any branding strategy. They generally block the eco system by retweeting instead of original content. And there comes the hindrance with this loom that it never accounts into anything than a water-down aggregator. This implicates that they are remaining in the gloom of industry instead of shining out. The users need to be original and unique in the way of approach.

NSFW tweets:
The progress of business nattering is nosy at best. With the trend of social media, we are in the times where sharing is too casual and at the same time it’s confusing. It is imperative to be casual at the same time it has to keep in mind that we are professionals. Keeping a tab on the medium of respect, language spoken and in case if you want to share any dirty jokes then doing them off the record will not put your brand low. The professional brand when compared to personal brand takes much time to recover from
massive social media breakdown.

Tone-deaf Tweets:
It is very important to have a tone that is unique while using Twitter. While coyly mannered tones work for showbiz personalities. Knowing one’s limits and sticking to a reliable tone will fetch you. Talking what is necessary on the Twitter will save your face else the brand value will run down.

Vacuum Tweets:
Asking questions is one of the greatest methods to benefit your Twitter mix. The questions illustrate that you are expecting reaction from the followers. But in profusion, it actually kills the plan. If most of the tweets that you tweet are full of questions then it lasts an impression that you are inexperienced. This will narrow down the brand value of the company. Instead of posing questions it’s actually better to create an opportunistic and interactive, inspiring environment.

Eavesdropping Tweets:
Imagine a situation where you along with your friends are talking something important and suddenly a third person interrupts and oppose your flow of speech. Wouldn’t it anger your temper? Definitely the same happens with the tweets that you display on Twitter. It is very important that you do not dictate words between the conversations of two persons. Until and unless the tweet that you engage between two people is worth don’t impose it. Learning rules before you breaking them is important. 

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