Friday, February 25, 2011

Bye Bye Content Farms, Google searching the right mix to offer the right search

Google has taken a well appreciated step towards offering its customer the better search results by filtering out the copied contents and unwanted data. As per the officials from Google, they have taken the first step towards improving the search results by changing its algorithm. This change is said to affect 11.8 percent of the queries and though this incremental change will not show initially, it will definitely offer a big change in the search results in long run. This change will be applied in the US market first and later on introduced all over the world but one thing is clear from all these that very shortly you will find only original content as well as thorough research and analysis on the websites.

Change will affect the content farms too

The said change will affect the content farms a lot. They will now definitely start working towards offering better and original content. Yahoo is aiming to hire about 400,000 writers just to generate content merely in terms of quantity will now hire only those writers that will offer the quality content and not the quantity content. It is usually observed that people searching for anything don’t go beyond the first page of search results and hence the ranking of many websites are increased just by adding unnecessary content.

No direct link with Personal Blocklist on Google Chrome
The changes in algorithm made by Google are not directly based on its new product Personal Blocklist that is launched on Google Chrome. The personal blocklist enables the users to block the portals they don’t want to view in their search results and after the change in algorithm it is estimated that about 84% of such blocked domains will get affected. Hence, it is a clear indication that what users want is just what is going to happen after this change.

Better Content and precise search
Once this change will be introduced all over the world, it is quite apparent that the search results will become more precise and the contents that the users will get would be more accurate and reliable. It would be a good move in the search engine industry and the outcome would be the benefit of users. The content farms will be affected for better as they will start delivering only original research content and no more spam.

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