Monday, June 07, 2010

Do SEO Experts Know All Search Types?

SEO experts are familiar with three primary search types, including:
  • Informational search: It involves search for a specific topic.
  • Navigational search: It involves search for specific website or web page.
  • Transactional search: It involves search for information required to purchase a product or service.
Besides, there are other types of searches that most of the SEO experts don’t take into account. The following discussion helps the inexperienced SEO experts to recognize other search types that can help you achieve improved search engine rankings.

Ad Hoc Search

Consider an online surfer who is completely unfamiliar with a particular topic. While searching for the information, the user would like to find all possible documents relevant to the topic. A good example in this regard could be of reviews related to a particular product. So, what SEO experts should do is write reviews for the business products and services of their websites embedding important search keywords in it.

Search for Known Items

A searcher might prefer to use a search engine to search for a specific website or web page he had already visited in the past. In fact, it is a usual practice of online searchers to search for the known items using search engines only. The reason for this is that most of the searchers don’t remember the exact URL of the website, but some special part of it. For example, login page of Google Adwords. If the user directly wants to reach the login page, he would sue search engine and queries like “google adwords login”.

So, what’s the role of SEO experts in this? An SEO expert must optimize each and every page of the website using title tag, Meta tag, heading and other things.

Search for Named Pages

An online searcher who had already visited a named page of a website in past would like to recall it using search engines. To explain it better, consider the website of a health clinic specializing in the treatment of a cancer. So, a page of the website might be named as “cancer treatment”. So, a searcher might use the query like “cancer treatment ABC”, where ABC refers to the name of the organization. An SEO expert need to optimize such named pages of the website effectively.

By constantly viewing the search behavior of various online users, an SEO expert can implement features of various search types in the client’s website.

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