Sunday, February 01, 2009

SEO bookmarklets you must visit!

As an internet junkie rather an SEO junkie (If I can use that term) one would encounter a large number of useful websites and SEO tools on the internet. Many a times, you just forget to bookmark them. As a matter of fact, bookmarking of good SEO tools and sharing it them with fellow SEO enthusiasts can be a great way to help each other out and benefit together with the best of the stuffs on the internet.

SEO is quite wide a topic to actually list website and tools related to every aspect of it. However, here’s an effort to list down some of the bookmarklets that may be of great use for on page SEO research and domain statistics. There isn’t any assurance that the list covers all the good tools in the web, nevertheless it does manage to provide some of the essentials- the ones you must visit (read- you cannot afford to miss!).

Domain information
Here are four websites that are an excellent resource for domain information.
• Go through every page of this website and you may find some valuable information. This web information company boasts of a web search, traffic rankings list and thorough analysis on website traffic.
• Robots.txt: The tool assesses a website for the robot.txt web pages!
• The website is one of the best resources for domain information. A good number of bloggers and webmasters might suggest you to check out this website, sicne they too had their beginning days spent all over on this website.
• AttentionMeter: The website categorizes into Google trends, Quantcast,, alexa and technorati. Check out the stats of all the categories for some vital information on domain names.

On Page SEO stats
• Page Headers: It displays all the headers for the current page via Besides that, is a great website on ‘website tweaks’. Check it out!
• Is your HTML code validated? : The markup validator in this web page check for the markup validity of your HTML, XHTML, SMIL, web documents. You can upload your document on this tool and get an instant assess of your document.
• HTTP headers: Hang on to the header checker of the website-, to check the header of your current page.
• Wayback newest: It’s a tool of its own kind! It shows and takes you back to the latest copy saved in the archive.

There are plenty of other tools out there on the web, like the ‘word frequency’ (it displays the frequency of a word on a page), ‘Show Meta’ (it shows the Meta tags), ‘Page Freshness’ (lets you know the last modified date of a page), highlight headings (highlights the headings and their respective sizes), ‘make a link for this page’ (generates a link for a particular page!) etc.

You can even check out a whole lot of bookmarklets site like the Lifehacker, Stundubl, Jesse’s bookmarklets site, Stephen Ostermiller’s bookmarklets etc

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