Sunday, January 18, 2009

Extract the maximum from the existing traffic

The times and the people are changing. Internet is becoming a fast competitive market and the total share from important keywords is an important asset. You can correctly assume that search volume of any keyword is what it appears and what it is going to become in the near future. Keeping aside viral campaigns that can increase questions and traffic, the available search volume is not going to magnify soon at a sustainable rate. The economy is facing a slump right now. Search is not facing the heat of the slump. It is not advisable to buy more traffic as it becomes expensive to maintain PPC engines or quality directories. You need to take maximum advantage of the present traffic to increase your revenue.

Suppose you have been loyal to your website and have optimized your keywords, posted quality content and have been receiving traffic. But the sales are being a major headache. You have actually followed every SEO and SEM rules but is not getting the desired results. You have just overlooked human nature as a factor. Specifically, you have forgotten to optimize your site for conversions.

Traffic is just a fraction of the competition. You are not successful until the user has opted for the landing page. It is absolutely important to decide your offers on landing page and shop for all the things they have dreamt about.

Offline activities regarding conversion optimization is taking place all time. Optimize your conversion rates by making the shopping an easy experience for the visitors. Make it easy for your visitors to buy the expensive products and make it hard for them to buy the inexpensive stuff.

You can actually use your traffic to devise your conversion path. Listen to your visitors and draw valuable feedbacks.

Testing constitutes an interesting part of your conversion rate. You need to go through all the tests to finally zero in on the best. A more slower and thorough test in the context of split testing or A/B is beneficial. Consistent results are obtained from short tests. Short tests also help you to maintain your focus. Multi tests tend to shift your focus from the main issue.

You can start your test with a control page and a dummy page which should reflect a change in the control page. Split both the pages among your traffic showing them 50% of each. Look out for the success of each version. A/B testing will alert you from major mistakes.

Websites with high dollar products like hotel or vacation costs can be beneficial in a short time to reach 100 conversions. You need not measure every test that whether it resulted in a sale or not. You can take the help of applications from firms to carry out the A/B on a larger scale like LiveBall.

Such type of tests is very much possible with the help of Google Website Optimizer. You may need to give invest a fraction of your precious time in designing the test or to get the necessary codes regarding your website. Overall, the test is very simple to perform and you do not require professionals to do your work.

Utilize your existing traffic to the maximum to increase your conversion rate and buy more traffic and thus get higher return on investments.

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