Monday, January 05, 2009

The different types of clientele in the SEO domain: 5 favorite picks

It can only happen in the marketing field, especially in the SEO domain that one gets a chance to involve with a variety of clients from various other domains. Here is a non-offensive list of the different type of clients you and me get to meet (both online and offline) in the SEO domain (meant only for humor…realistic humor!)
  1. The ‘no idea’ client : This type of client hires you to optimize his or her website, you agree and then you end up having no clue of the reason behind the existence of the website! You don’t get the reply as ‘no idea’, but I bet you if you ask the client about the website (say, what’s the website’s purpose or what is it selling?) the client is bound to give some not-s0-related answer that’ll let you know that the client actually has ‘NO IDEA’ about the website! The client will spit out everything known to him or her but that would still not get you any close to the answer of the question- what is the idea behind the website?
  2. Flatter-buts clientele: These type of clients flatter you and then they come up with a hard hitting ‘but! Here are few of the famous flatter-but client lines: ‘The site looks great! But…I needed the entire stuff in interactive flash!’, ‘The articles were excellent! But…I guess I needed it on ‘keys’ not ‘keywords’!
  3. The ‘do it all’ client: No ways! If you are thinking, this kind of client does it all for you (and hence the name ‘do it all’ client, then be disappointed for that isn’t the case! These are clients who expect you to ‘do it all’ for them, irrespective of it being your job or not! They want you to redo the web pages, manage their blog account, and cut deals for them with web designers! Hello! We are just a consulting service!
  4. The ‘inflated bag like’ client: This type of client is inflated initially and slowly loses the air with time. Finally, the client ends up being a deflated bag! None of your advices will be implemented coz by now they fear your plans may boomerang and hit a low. Further, they may doubt your authenticity, end up ties with you and opt for another SEO consultant in an excited fashion again…only to…you know what!
  5. The not-so brainy chatterbug client: This client will throw up some random terms he or she must have heard somewhere and try hard to come across as one of the most intelligent human beings on the earth, while what he or she manages to is exactly the opposite. A simple question to such clients- If you believe you are such an expert in SEO and internet marketing (as you are trying to express from your over-the-top talks then why hire ‘lesser knowledgeable’ guys like us?!
These were just five of them, while the list actually extends to a lot more in number. I wonder if the clients will come up with something called ‘The different types of service providers/SEO consultants’!!!

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