Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Trilogy of SEO Strategies for Making You Think

Succeeding in any online business requires your website to be search engine friendly and full of informative content. SEO will help your website in earning a high page ranking and for this to be an event that stands long term, it is extremely important that you strategize well.

Mixing Different Forces for Attacking With Unique Tactics
SERP domination can be achieved through usage of multiple sites belonging to the same niche. These sites should be made to feature different kinds of content, design, development and link sources. Various other ideas can be materialized such as using audio, video, blogs, media profiles, image galleries, content generated by user, wikis, tools and articles. The networks and link sources should also be made to vary. If it happens that all the links on the site are coming from a single blogger whose blog is gradually decaying, then these might not be good signs for you. This might also cause the penalization of wikis for providing easy spamming facilities and so on.

Build Network
The website should focus on developing content that governs authority over a broad range of topics so that it is well respected and showcased by leading content networks such as Squidoo. It can also focus on capturing a particular market niche such as Gooruze (marketing). Providing abundant visibility to your website in SERPs helps in earning you readers who shall faithfully use kw+your authority’s name for performing all of their searches. Istanbul Wikipedia has projected this as a method of building long term traffic to your website. This strategy is often used for trading on your website’s domain equity. Along with the strategy mentioned earlier, this strategy can prove to be useful for building horizontal sites for the purpose of increasing industry presence, link equity, relationships, topic diversification possibilities, etc.

Cover the Opponent without Making Them Succumb
This involves researching on the people competing with you and finding their vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
  • Reliance on Few Links’ Sources: This involves researching the sources of your competing website’s links. Find out if it is possible to eliminate their back links. This can be made possible through in-post linking and blogroll.
  • Paid Links: This involves buying a review, buying blogs that are bringing maximum value to your competitors and paying bloggers for not following the links that were sold to them by your competitors.
  • Improper Anchor Text: Focus on differentiating your website through the usage of greater variety by going for n grams, especially in cases of competitive work, and anchor text algorithms and matrices.
  • Content: Find out about their marketing and operational policy deficiencies and after this is done, work really hard for building world-class content for your website.
Stay away from becoming desperate just for the sake of outscoring your competitor as this might backfire at you in strange ways, such as your site getting hacked or Google-bowled, meaning banning of a website because of a lot of spams pointing to it. Hence, stay cool, stay intelligent and outwit your competitor.

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