Sunday, May 10, 2009

Planning to Assign Link Building Activity to an Intern? Think Again

The thought might cross minds of many at the top level of organizations that what is the need to pay for link building services when the interns could be the counted as the source to tackle this job. This could have been feasible some years back but in today’s scenario, it might not be an appropriate option. Different SEO professionals would narrate different stories for link building efforts. Let us see the reasons why the amateurs should not handle this task.
  • An intern jumping out of college would not be much equipped with the apt details of link building. They would require proper supervision and training for weeks to months depending upon their grasping potential. A link builder should carry sufficient knowledge of SEO and what their work matters of search engine optimization. Link building handling requires a smart aptitude to achieve higher rankings. They have to design proper link building strategies to avoid higher costs.
  • Link building is not a small task. An internship would last for around 3-4 months and the job would pass over to the next candidate after this period. Now this would prove to be a cumbersome process. The new interns would follow-up the previous ones and there might be chances of communication failure in these cases. In a turn, this would harm the linking opportunity for the concerned site. Experts suggest that continuity is the key for better performance. The one who initiates the process should follow-up as many cooks might spoil the broth. One can take the assistance from Webmaster, but it is not a wise idea to bother them as they might refrain to sort out the issue.
  • Interns joined a firm with the intention to learn the maximum they can in the span of couple of months. They want to supplement their industrial experience and aim to please their future employer. They do not think beyond this level and hardly have any inclination to climb the next rung. In the domain of Web technology, things are not static; they need foresighted strategies and willingness to raise link-building programs to higher avenues. To be proficient in a client’s link building programs, the first step is to surpass basics, setup the initial link portfolio, and then with scientific and artistic edge find innovative alternatives to secure their links. For this, the team should have a long-term goal setting which might not be suitable for an intern.
  • SEO programs when catered by some interactive agency show more insight of the current trends and adaptability to capture them. Whereas interns might not furnish in this content and hence no such traces would arm over your link-building program. Moreover, the logs of efforts and their reports submitted regularly help SEO Analysts to track the performance of SEO program. In case of many interns coming in and going out in short durations, there are chances of losing the information. This tracking is an important constituent to measure growth of SEO program.

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