Monday, June 15, 2009

Keywords Research as SEO Tool – Take Advantage of Relationships between Words

Keywords have been playing the key role in preparing a website for good search engine ranking since the advent of SEO practices. By employing extensive keyword research, you can encompass all those words, which carry the potential of a search-oriented keyword, in your website content. Careful exploration of how one word is related to many other words can make you selective for creamy words. Here are important aspects of the keyword research approach, followed by experts in search engine optimization.

Utilizing the Power of Synonyms
Whenever you use a keyword in your website content, make sure you utilize its synonyms as well. Different web surfers use different synonyms of a particular word and when all these words are included in your website content, you can expect to satisfy the search motive of each of these individuals.

Words That Are Triggered
Utilizing those words, which are triggered as the result of a particular keyword, can also form the important part of your content. For instance, the keyword ‘loan’ can be associated with other words and phrases like ‘finance’, ‘search’, ‘home’, ‘car’, ‘cost’ and so on. Thus, all the words and phrases related to the main keyword, when used by a web surfer in his search query, can bring your website on the top of search results.

Words That Narrow the Meaning
Even those words and phrases can be included in the content, which narrow downs the exact meaning of the main keyword. For example, for the keyword ‘search’, you can use other words like ‘investigate’ and ‘investigation’. When an internet surfer uses these words at the place of your main keyword, even then your website will be included in the search results.

Words That Generalize the Meaning
Which words can generalize the meaning of a keyword, let’s say ‘search’? ‘Looking for’, ‘quest’, ‘want’, ‘seeking’ and so on! These are the words, which broaden the search criterion for a regular surfer on internet, thereby bringing advantage to your website rank in the search engine results.

Using Grammatically Connected Words
Nouns, verbs and other grammatically connected words of the main keyword can also be embedded in the content of your website. For instance, ‘search’ can also demand the use of ‘searching’, ‘searcher’, ‘searched’ and so on.

Some Other Important Words
? Rhyming words also work: The words, which rhyme with your main keyword should also find place in your website content. For instance, ‘loan’ can be rhymed with ‘tone’, ‘moan’, ‘cone’, ‘phone’ and so on.
? Similar sounding words: Words that carry sounds similar to the keyword. For ‘loan’, the similar sounding words are ‘load’, ‘long’ and so on.
? Anagrams: These are the words, which are formed by rearranging the letters of the main keyword. For instance, ‘casher’ is the anagram for ‘search’.

Thus, keyword research is a vast field, which can take loads of time to be explored properly. However, to achieve impressive results for your website, you can take this pain with a smile.

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